Jean Rabier, French cinematographer, Died at 88


Jean Rabier was born on March 16, 1927, and died on February 16, 2016.

He was a French cinematographer.

He regularly worked with director Claude Chabrol.

Jean Rabier had almost 70 film credits spanning a career from 1961-1991.

A few of his work includes Le Boucher (The Butcher) (1970), Que la bête meure (This Man Must Die) (1969), La Femme infidèle (The Unfaithful Wife) (1969), Les Biches (The Does / Bad Girls / Girlfriends) (1968), La Route de Corinthe (The Road to Corinth) (1967) and many more.

Jean Rabier passed away 88 yrs old.