Jean-Pierre Detremmerie, Belgian politician, Died at 75


Jean-Pierre Detremmerie was born on October 10, 1940, in Mouscron and died on February 21, 2016.
He was a Belgian politician.
He was a member of the UNHRC.
From 1980 to 2006, he was mayor of Mouscron.
Detremmerie succeeds Robert Devos, the former deputy mayor.
From 1981 to 2003, Jean-Pierre Detremmerie was a member of the House of Representatives and Walloon MP from 2004 to 20 April 2005.
Which motivated his deputy Damien Yzerbyt.
Jean was chairman of the inter-municipal 2006 IEG to 2009 and President of the Royal Excelsior Mouscron.
During 2009, Jean-Pierre Detremmerie was involved in a case related to the sale of a building in the town of Mouscron.
At that time, his party had requested him to resign the mandates he still holds, the presidency of the inter IEG.
He was on February 10, 2009, excluded from the HRC Mouscron.
During February 20, 2009, the Mouscron of the municipal council decided collectively to withdraw its mandates to IEG and SIMOGEL (intermunicipal gas and electricity).
Jean-Pierre Detremmerie passed away at 75 yrs old.