Jean Périmony, French actor and theatre director, Died at 86

  Actor, Media

Jean Périmony was born on March 2, 1931, in Dole, Jura and died on April 9, 2017.

He was a French comedian, educator, theater director, and costume designer.

He opened his own drama school in September 1960 and taught at the Conservatory of Orléans from 1983 through 1986.

Jean was served in the House of the Legion of Honor from 1984 through 2000 and the INA from 1984 to 1990.

Périmony was also Secretary General of the Catholic Union of Theater and Music from 1990 to 1996.

Marie-Cécile Renauld was his wife, who was aliterary agent, they were together until his death in 2017.

The couple had three children.

Jean Périmony passed away at 86 years old.

Jean Périmony passed away at 86 years old.