Jean-Michel Guilcher, French ethnologist, Died at 102

Jean-Michel Guilcher was born on September 24, 1914, and died on March 27, 2017

He was a French ethnologist.

He was a researcher at the CNRS, and he taught ethnology at the University of Western Brittany.

Guilcher was the author of eight books about traditional dances.

He was educated at the Lycée de Brest.

Guilcher graduated from the University of Paris, where he studied natural history.

Guilcher also took dance lessons from Alick-Maud Pledge.

Then, he was mentored by the ethnologist Patrice Coirault, and he attended classes taught by Jacques Chailley with Constantin Brăiloiu.

Subsequently, Jean-Michel Guilcher earned a PhD in Dance Studies.

He had three children. They resided in Meudon near Paris, with his wife Hélène

Jean-Michel Guilcher passed away at 102 years old.