Jean Louvet, Belgian playwright, died at 81

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Dead. Jean Louvet, born March 28, 1934 and died on August 29, 2015, he was a Belgian playwright.

Louvet was born in Moustier-sur-Sambre, the son of a miner, and lived a working-class childhood.

Three years in the army paid for his studies in Romance philology, and he spent time in academia, but turned to the theater to give expression to his left-wing politics and founded a “proletarian theater”.

His work is influenced by Sartre and Brecht, by his Walloon roots and one of the most important event of the present-fday Wallonia, the 1960-1961 Winter General Strike.

For some years, political considerations kept his work out of Wallonia and he is better known in France.

However, he was awarded the “Bologne-Lemaire Walloon of the Year” prize in 2002.

‘Jean Louvet defends Walloon culture and identity while believing in a certain utopist utopia’

Belgian playwright Jean Louvet died on August 29, 2015 at age 81.