Janelle Kirtley, American water skier, Died at 73


Janelle (Jane Ellen) Kirtley Godfrey was born on December 8, 1943, in Birmingham, Alabama and died on April 28, 2017.

She was an American former World Champion water skier.

Robert H Kirtley and Mary Leona Perry Kirtley was her parents

Kirtley learned how to ski at age 5, and started competing in water skiing tournaments in 1956.

During 1959, at the age of 15, Janelle was on the U.S. Women’s National Water Ski Team and competed in Milan, Italy.

During 1960 Kirtley won overall in the Masters Water Ski Tournament, and she went on to win the World Championship in the 1961 World Tournament Women’s Slalom Title and the 1963 Tricks and Slalom.

Roland LeGrand Godfrey, of Adamsville Alabama was her husband.

They had three sons and lived in Forestdale and Adamsville Alabama.

Janelle Kirtley passed away at 73 years old.