Jamecy Pierre, Haitian ragga artist, Died at 39


Famed Rap and Ragga artist from King Posse, Jamecy “Black Alex” Pierre, died on Friday, November 13, 2015.

He was a Rap and Ragga artist, whose real name is Jamecy Alex Pierre.

Jamecy has long been fighting illness, according to his family members.

He was admitted to the Haitian Community Hospital on Route Freres in Port-au-Prince two weeks ago and died Friday morning.

Jamecy will be most remembered as a member of King Posse, a group said to be the Greatest of All Time across Carnival, Rap and Ragga world.

The group produced several hit albums, including Pa Bat Kow in 1993 and I Like It in 2000.

They created classic carnival records such as Sa’w We, Retounen, Kool Nan, Bot La, the list goes on.

Death had not been a stranger to Jamecy. He was gunned down in Pétion-Ville in 2006 by unknown individuals.

They had shot him four times, stole valuables and left him for dead.

Jamecy was rumoured to be dead in late December 2014, when photos of the artist drained of strength went public.

In February 2015 Jamecy appeared on the televised Shalom Glory Tabernacle church and gave himself to Jesus Christ.

Jamecy passed away at age 39 in November 2015, following a long illness.