Jacqueline Pagnol, French actres, Died at 95


Jacqueline Pagnol was born on October 6, 1920, and died on August 22, 2016.
She was a French actress.
Pagnol acted in many French films in the 1940s and 1950s.
Pagnol was the widow of French author and filmmaker Marcel Pagnol.
Jacqueline Pagnol acted in many French films, six of which were directed by her husband.
Pagnol has revealed that the main character in Manon des sources was based on her own childhood.
The actress also owns the copyright of Marcel Pagnol’s work and approves all film adaptations.
Jacqueline Pagnol met the author and filmmaker Marcel Pagnol when she was twenty-three years old.
Together they resided at Avenue Foch in Paris.
Jacqueline Pagnol passed away at 95 years old.