Italian author and literary critic, Angela Bianchini, Died at 97

Angela Bianchini was born on April 21, 1921, and died on October 27, 2018.

She was an Italian fiction writer and literary critic of Jewish descent.

Bianchini grew up there and emigrated to the United States in 1941 after Mussolini’s openly anti-Semitic racial laws were enacted.

Angela Bianchini spent her “years in pausing” (to utilize Giovanni Macchia’s demeanor) at Johns Hopkins University where she finished a Ph.D. in French Linguistics under the direction and supervision of Leo Spitzer.

The nearness and addresses of a gathering of Spanish outcasts (among whom Pedro Salinas and Jorge Guillén) decided a portion of her significant advantages in the field of Spanish writing: specifically the extraordinary twentieth-century verse and nineteenth-century novel.

After her arrival to Rome after the war, Angela Bianchini was pulled in to the universe of correspondence and teamed up not just with such renowned periodicals as Il Mondo of Mario Pannunzio, yet in addition with RAI (the Italian Broadcasting Corporation).

For RAI she composed a few social communicates, radio plays and unique radio and T.V. programs.

Angela Bianchini has numerous artistic examinations amazingly.

She was one of the main abstract pundits to think about sequential books in La luce a gas e il feuilleton: due invenzioni dell’Ottocento (Liguori, 1969, republished in 1989).

Angela Bianchini deciphered Medieval French Novels (Romanzi medievali d’amore e d’avventura, Grandi Libri Garzanti, now reproduced and in CD-ROM), and altered a Renaissance correspondence (Lettere della fiorentina Alessandra Macinghi Strozzi, Garzanti, 1989).

In her book Voce donna (Frassinelli, 1979, reproduced in 1996) she consolidates an investigation of women’s liberation with her interests in memoir and in story system.

For as far back as thirty years she has added to La Stampa (Turin) and to its book-audit area Tuttolibri, particularly on Spanish subjects.

Bianchini died due to normal causes in Rome

Angela Bianchini passed away at 97 years old.


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