Ingrid Sischy, magazine editor, Died at 63

  Dead Famous

Dead, Ingrid Sischy was the previous Editor in Chief of Andy Warhol’s “Interview Magazine” until January 2008 when she left her position of 18 years. She is now currently working with her girlfriend and partner, Sandra Brant, as the international editors of Italian, Spanish, and German versions of Vanity Fair.

“Ms. Sischy started her career at Artforum Magazine in 1979 and is a widely published author on a range of cultural subjects. She has contributed to a broad range of magazines, including The New York Times,and has been the fashion and photography critic for The New Yorker.

In 1996 she was the Artistic Director of the first Florence Fashion Biennale,conceiving and organizing the exhibition which occupied 26 museums throughout Florence, Italy and its outskirts.

Part of this exhibition was subsequently presented at the Guggenheim Museum. Sischy has been a contributing editor for Vanity Fair since 1997. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, she received an honorary PhD in the humanities from the Moore College of Art in 1987.”