Indian politician, Hamida Habibullah, Died at 101

Hamida Habibullah was born on November 20, 1916, and died on March 13, 2018.

She was an Indian parliamentarian, educationist, and social worker.

Habibullah has been called the iconic face of Indian womanhood in post-independence India.

Habibullah was the daughter of Late Nawab Nazir Yar Jung Bahadur, Chief Justice of Hyderabad High Court.

Hamida spent her childhood and her early years in Hyderabad.

Habibullah also studied for a two-year teacher training Course at Whitelands College in Putney, London.

Hamida got married to Major General Snaith Habibullah, in 1938, founder commandant of National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla.

Hamida’s son Wajahat Habibullah is a bureaucrat and her grandsons Amar Habibullah and Saif Habibullah are prominent businessmen.

She died at 101 years old.