Hugh Cooney, Irish businessman, Died at 63,

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Hugh Cooney passed away on October 19, 2015 from cancer, he was a successful businessman.

Mr Cooney had a successful business career after attending college at University College Dublin.

Hugh Cooney was head of corporate finance at BDO Simpson Xavier prior to his appointment with Enterprise Ireland, where he spent 5 years as chairman from November 2008 to July 2013.

Hugh Cooney also served as chairman of the Trustees of Arnotts Pension Fund, chairman of Siteserv plc, and as a non executive director of Origin Enterprises.

Mr Cooney was appointed examiner to both the trading company Irish Press Newspapers Ltd and the title-holding company Irish Press Publications Ltd by Mr Justice Frank Murphy before the Irish Press newspaper closed down in 1995.

Cooney was unsuccessful in his attempts to keep the publication afloat.

Mr Hugh Cooney legacy can be seen in the success of Enterprise Ireland today, which provides support to companies who directly provide employment for over 180,000 people.

Hugh Cooney passed away on October 19, 2015, from cancer.