Henry Chung, Chinese-American diplomat, Dead

Henry Chung or Zhong Wuxiong was born in 1918 in Liling, Hunan April 23, 2017
He was a Chinese diplomat
Henry Chung served in the Nationalist government.
He was renowned for his Hunan cuisine.
Henry was on good terms with Ho Feng-Shan, their wives were sisters.
Following his Changjun High School graduation, Chung was recruited by the National Revolutionary Army as a cashier.
Chung enrolled at then National Central University in Chongqing, by 1938.
During 1981, himself and his wife put up money for a new marker built on China Beach.
Then, he donated several schools to his hometown in Hunan province.
Henry also supported Yuan Longping.
He died in San Francisco.
Henry Chung passed away in 2017.