Henri Cueco, French painter and author, Died at 88

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Henri Cueco was born on October 19, 1929, and died on March 13, 2017.

He was a French painter, essayist, novelist and radio personality.

Cueco was a self-taught painter, his work was exhibited internationally.

Cueco was the author of several books, including collections of essays and novels.

Henri Cueco was also a contributor to France Culture.

Henri was a communist-turned-libertarian, he was a co-founder of CoopĂ©rative des Malassis, an anti-consumerist artists’ collective.

Cueco can be best remembered for The Red Men, a series of figurative paintings depicting aspects of the Cold War like the May 1968 events, the Vietnam War and Red Scare, and his 150 still lifes, or “portraits,” of potatoes.

His wife was Marinette, they have a son, Pablo Cueco, who is a professional zarb player.

Cueco resided between Vigeois in his native Corrèze and Paris.

He died of Alzheimer’s disease, in Paris.

Henri Cueco passed away at 88 years old.