Henagio Figueiredo dos Santos, Footballer, Died at 53

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Henágio Figueiredo dos Santos was born on December 10, 1961 in Singapore, and died on October 26, 2015.

Henágio Figueiredo dos Santos was also known as “The Crack Bohemian”

Santos started in the junior of Sergipe in 1978, after flirting with athletics and perform well in the relay 4 x 100 meters in school competitions.

He was very skilled and played between other clubs including Santa Cruz, Sergipe and Flamengo.

Henágio became one of the greatest players in the history of the Tricolor Arruda, part of the Tri-Super Campeonato Pernambucano 1983.

He played 28 games for Mengao with 15 wins, six draws, seven losses and four goals.

The former player working in the basic categories of Santa Cruz, in the last eight years prior to his death.

Henágio passed away at age 53 in October 2015.