He Youzhi, Chinese cartoonist and illustrator, Died at 94

He Youzhi was born in 1922, near Shanghai and died on March 16, 2016.

He was a cartoonist Chinese.

He began drawing professionally at the age of thirty, in 1952.

Youzhi spent a lot of time in political works such as sunny Combe (1979) which tells how a young girl futile, wishing to start an acting career, resigned to become pleasant, under the friendly but insistent pressure an entire village.

Youzhi was a professor at the Central Institute of Fine Arts in Beijing, he created the comic department (lianhuanhua).

He Youzhi was assigned to national editions, it will occupy the designer of position but also that of “drawing editor.”

During 1980, He Youzhi published an autobiographical inspiration album (released in France under the title chained Images, edited by the Museum of Fine Arts of Angoulême).

He Youzhi was regarded as one of the greatest masters of design in China and the art museum in Shanghai (Shanghai Art Museum) devoted a permanent exhibition.

Youzhi works have experienced extraordinary draws.

He Youzhi passed away at 94 yrs old.