Hansrudi scrubber, Swiss-born German cartoonist, Died at 87


Hansrudi scrubber/ Hansrudi Wäscher was born on April 5, 1928 in St. Gallen, Switzerland and died on January 7, 2016, in Freiburg im Breisgau.

He was a German cartoonist and comic book writer.

He was the son of a German and a Swiss mother, who also took on the German citizenship upon marriage.

Hansrudi first years of life spent scrubber in German-speaking Switzerland.

Then, Hansrudi moved with his parents to Lugano, where he first encountered comics came into contact.

Following the time of moving to Hannover, in 1940, he took after the completion of the intermediate certificate on an apprenticeship as a billboard painter but then studied seven semesters commercial art at the School of Applied Arts.

At this time, he was responsible for the city of Hanover, a booklet for road safety education, entitled “The Lord Boll”.

Sigurd, Akim, Nick, Tibor, Falk and many more was some of his best work.

He has received the Max & Moritz Prize in 2008, the most important German award for comic artists at the International Comic Salon Erlangen, German fantasy prize in 1999 “for his comic creations, which he brought into the drab postwar light in the hearts of children.”

For his work at Comic Festival Munich 2009, a comic anthology appeared, entitled Homage to Hansrudi scrubber – pioneer of comics with the participation of 42 German signatories and also awarded the “Bang!”, a Comic Prize for his life’s work.

Hansrudi scrubber passed away at 87 years old.