Habib, Iranian singer, Died at 63


Habib Mohebian was born on September 26, 1952, in Shemiran, Tehran, Iran and died on June 10, 2016.

He was commonly known as Habib.

He was an Iranian singer-songwriter.

Mohebian first became passionate about music and playing guitar in the last years of high school.

Habib took part in a nationwide competition held by the Iranian Radio and Television Broadcasting and was chosen as one of the 16 shortlisted candidates.

Following his two years of training, he was drafted and continued his music career in the Officers Clubs and nationwide performances.

Then, he settled in the provinces of Western and Eastern Azerbaijan and eventually Tehran.

He later relocated to the United States but returned home to Iran in 2009.

He died in Ramsar, Mazandaran, Iran, due to cardiac arrest.

Habib Mohebian passed away at 63 yrs old.