Gustavo L. Garcia


American politician Gustavo L. Garcia was born on January 23, 1934, and died on December 17, 2018.

Gustavo L. Garcia was a major force in Austin for 30 years.

Garcia was the solitary Hispanic civic chairman of Austin and the primary Hispanic to serve on the Austin educational committee.

A CPA with his own bookkeeping practice, Garcia demonstrated little enthusiasm for legislative issues, be that as it may, he had encountered separation direct in lodging and business.

Delegated to the Austin Human Rights Commission, Garcia wound up maneuvered into legislative issues.

Garcia incorporated schools and end lodging segregation.

Gustavo L. Garcia served on the educational committee, contradicting segregation and pushed for more minorities to be contracted in the schools.

Chosen to the city chamber, Gustavo L. Garcia regularly contradicted the designer’s advantage and his help was vital to protecting the ecological SOS law.

Despite the fact that he turned out to be outstanding for his remain on nature, he determinedly pushed to extend racial, social and financial equity for Austin.

Gustavo L. Garcia passed away at 84 years old.


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