Gustavo Bueno, Spanish philosopher, Died at 91


Gustavo Bueno Martínez was born on September 1, 1924, and died on August 7, 2016.

He was a Spanish philosopher.

He was the main proponent of the philosophical system known as philosophical materialism.

His Philosophical materialism excludes any possibility of spiritual life without reference to organic life.

The ontology and theories of knowledge are not based on mechanic materialism or dualistic historical materialism, but on the reality of current sciences and on a rich interpretation of the main systems defended by the different traditions available in the History of Philosophy.

It was the founder of academic (scholar) philosophy, Plato, who had defended in Sophist the principle of Symploké that Bueno uses to support both determinism and pluralism: “nothing is isolated from everything else, but not everything is connected to everything else; otherwise, nothing could be known.”.

Which allowed Bueno opposes both monism and skepticism.

A few choosen selection from Bueno’s works have been translated into English, German and Chinese.

Gustavo Bueno passed away at 91 years old.