Gun Hellsvik, Swedish politician, Died at 74


Gun Birgitta Hellsvik (née Blomgren) was born on September 27, 1942, and died on November 14, 2016.
She was a Swedish politician for the Moderate Party, serving as Minister for Justice 1991-1994.
She was a lawyer by training, she worked as a civil law lecturer at Lund University before becoming a full-time politician.
Hellsvik served as Municipal commissioner of Lund 1983-1991, Minister for Justice 1991-1994, member of the Riksdag, chairman of the Riksdag Committee on Justice 1994-2001, President of the Nordic Council 1999, Director General of the Swedish Patent and Registration Office 2001-2007, and chairman of the board of the University of Borås 2004-2007.
Additionally, Laila Freivalds was both her predecessor and successor to the office of Minister for Justice.
She was known for her tough stance on drugs.
Gun opposed dispensing clean needles to drug addicts, arguing that it would undermine people’s confidence in the legal system.
While served as the Minister of Justice, she oversaw a legal change that made it a crime to be under the influence of an illicit drug, even in the absence of drug possession; she also authorised the police to forcibly obtain urine and blood samples from a suspected individual.
Gun Hellsvik passed away at 74 years old.