Gordon Thomas, Welsh investigative journalist and author, Died at 84

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Gordon Thomas was born in 1933 and died on 2017.

He was a British investigative journalist and author, notably on topics of secret intelligence.

He was the author of 53 books published worldwide including The Pope’s Jews, Secret Wars, and Gideon’s Spies.

He was born in Wales, in a cemetery keeper’s cottage where his grandmother lived.

Thomas had his first story published at nine years old in a Boy’s Own Paper competition.

Thomas’ father work for the RAF, Thomas traveled widely and was educated at the Cairo High School, the Maritz Brothers (in Port Elizabeth, South Africa) and, lastly, at Bedford Modern School.

Thomas’ first book, completed at the age of seventeen, is the story of a British spy in Russia during World War II, titled Descent Into Danger.

Gordon refused the offer of a job at a university in order to accompany a traveling fair for a year: he used those experiences for his novel, Bed of Nails.

From then Gordon’s books have been published worldwide.

Gordon has been a foreign correspondent beginning with the Suez Crisis and ending with the first Gulf War.

Gordon was a BBC writer/producer for three flagship BBC programmes: Man Alive, Tomorrow’s World and Horizon.

Thomas divided his time between his homes in Ireland and England, with his wife, an interior designer.

Gordon’s five children work in various parts of the entertainment industry.

Gordon Thomas passed away at 84 years old.