Goldie Paine, Co-founder and President of Amerex, Died at 89

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Goldie P. Paine was born October 14, 1926, in Martinsburg, WV, and died on October 16, 2015.

She was an American fire protection equipment executive, co-founder and President of Amerex

She lived in Trussville Ala for 44 years.

Goldie had many children, grand children and great grand, both biological and those adopted in her heart.

Mrs Goldie P. Paine and her husband E. K. Paine (deceased) started the Amerex Fire Extinguisher Company in 1971 with their lifelong friends John Howard, Dave Nicodemus, Bill Markstrom and Norman Kesecker.

They developed Amerex into the premiere fire extinguisher manufacturer in the world.

Goldie then turned her attention to the International market and was President of Amerex Fire International selling extinguishers in 71 countries around the world.

Under Goldie guidance and leadership, Amerex International had companies in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.

Goldie was the President of the World Trade Association, earned and was awarded other honours too numerous to name.

Goldie passed away at age 89 in October 2015.