George Carroll, American lawyer, Died at 94


George Carroll was born on January 6, 1922, in Brooklyn, New York, and died on January 14, 2016.

He was an American lawyer.

He was an important civic figure in Contra Costa County, California and the city of Richmond.

He was noted for breaking many racial barriers and achieving unprecedented positions in his time.

Carroll, later served in the United States Military during World War II and subsequently attended college and law school by use of the G.I. Bill.

He moved to Contra Costa County, California in 1954.

George Carroll was the first black lawyer in Richmond, California.

He became the first African American elected to the city council from 1961 to 1964 and later became the first black mayor of Richmond from 1964–1965 or any large American city.

Soon, George Carroll became the first black judge in Contra Costa when he was appointed to the Bay Municipal Court by Governor Pat Brown in 1965.

In his honor, The Richmond Courthouse and a park in the Pt. Richmond District was named after him.

George Carroll passed away at 94 yrs old in his sleep in Richmond.