Gary Reed, American comic book writer, Died at 60


Gary Reed was born on May 21, 1956, and died on October 2, 2016.

He was an American comic book writer.

Reed was the publisher of Caliber Comics, an independent comic book company that released 1,300 titles in the 1990s and published early work by many popular creators.

He has written over 200 comics and graphic novels, sometimes under assumed names (including Kyle Garrett, Brent Truax, and Randall Thayer).

Gary was also Vice President of McFarlane Toys when the company launched in 1993.

Reed’s comics writing credits include Saint Germaine, Baker Street and Deadworld.

Along with his comics, Reed wrote a role-playing game for Palladium and wrote some of the storyline scenarios for Final Fight: Streetwise for Capcom.

He lived in a suburb of Detroit with his wife, Jennifer.

Together they had four daughters.

He was also a freelance writier, he taught various biology-related courses at several community colleges in his area.

During 2012, Gary Reed was presented with a special Shel Dorf Award for his contributions to the comic industry.

Gary Reed passed away at 60 years old.