Garrett Swasey, American police officer and junior ice dancing champion, Died at 44

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Garrett Swasey was born in 1971, in Melrose, Massachusetts, United States and died on November 27, 2015, Colorado Springs
Colorado, United States.

He was an American police officer and junior ice dancing champion.

Garrett was also a volunteer pastor.

He served with the University of Colorado’s Colorado Springs police force for 6 yrs now.

In 1992, he and his skating partner Christine Fowler won the junior national ice dancing championship in Orlando, Florida.

They took home 13th place at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Providence, Rhode Island, with partner Hillary Tompkins in 1995.

They both would go on to perform in musical on ice shows in Maine.

Garrett Swasey volunteer as one of the evangelical church’s co-pastors.

His wife helped run the chapel nursery, according to their biography on the church website.

Garrett Swasey left behind his wife Rachel, his daughter Faith is 6 years old and son Elijah is going on 11.

Garrett Swasey passed away at 44 yrs old, he was shot.