Fresh Beat Band


The Fresh Beat Band (formerly The Jump Arounds) is an American preschool television series created by Scott Kraft and Nadine van der Velde for Nickelodeon.

The Fresh Beats are Shout, Twist, Marina, and Kiki, described as four best friends in a band who go to music school and graduate together as musicians who are determined to follow their dreams.

Tara Perry goes by the stage name Marina is a member of the fresh beat band, Marina usually comes up with an idea to solve the problem the Fresh Beats are having.

She usually takes the lead to jump start the band’s ideas as well.

Marina also has a habit of agreeing with all of Twist’s crazy ideas, saying “You know, that would be cool or…” only to give a simpler, realistic explanation afterward.

There have been exceptions where she agrees with him, though, and sometimes she thinks of random ideas that are much easier than Twist’s.

Marina can be very optimistic as shown in Dance-A-Thon.

When she accidentally dropped an ice cube in her dress, she was running and spinning so much that she got eliminated from the dance-a-thon; but she was very optimistic about it as she’d finally gotten the ice cube out of her dress.

Being the drummer of the band, Marina is very proud of her skills and very attached to her drums.

Though she is quick to forgive anyone who breaks her drums, as they have been broken more than once, she is upset when they are.

She also cares for any set of drums as seen in “Stick Together” where she makes the band cover a set of drums in the music room before wallpapering.

She also owns two sets; one being her normal set and the other being made up of items, or found sounds, found in town in “Stomp The House”

Marina is a very bright and bubbly girl. She’s a gentle spirit and quite the comedian. Her favorite catchphrase is “Hip-hop; Pop” and she usually rhymes it to make a sentence (i.e. “hip hop and pop, Shout’s legs just won’t stop”).

Her favorite colors are turquoise and purple.

She wears a turquoise dress with a purple belt, Converse sneakers, and dark purple leggings beneath the dress.

Nickelodeon’s Fresh Beat Band took audiences by surprise when it premiered in August 2009 on Nick Jr., delivering a fun, wholesome show that kids love — and parents don’t mind watching either.

Usually it’s filled with upbeat songs and good, positive messages for young viewers.

On the show, Perry’s character Marina is the band’s drummer and the one who usually brings everyone back together. In real life though, Perry says sometimes she needs to be reined in some.

But she does share some qualities with her character. “I think I am definitely goofy and very excited a lot.

A lot of that excitement is not acting, it’s just me being excited that I get to do what I love with my life and it’s kind of incredible,” says Perry.