Frantisek Janda, Czech fencing executive, Died at 48


Frantisek Janda was born on July 5, 1967 in Prague, and died in 2015.

He was a Czech fencing executive, president of the European Fencing Confederation (since 2009).

Frantisek was a film producer, and General Manager of film and TV Company S PRO ALFA FILM CZECH REPUBLIC.

He studied psychology, majoring in special army preparation.

In 1990 to 1991 Frantisek participated in combat operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Frantisek was the holder of the Saudi Arabian Battle Order, the Kuwait Liberation Medal, Cross of Merit of the Czech Army and other honours.

He resigned from the position of General Manager in 2005, and decided to devote his life to sport and fencing.

Frantisek passed away at age 48 in 2015.