Francisco Ivens de Sá Dias Branco, Brazilian billionaire businessman, Died at 81


Francisco Ivens de Sá Dias Branco was born on August 3, 1934, and died on June 24, 2016.

He was a Brazilian businessman.

He was also noted as one of the richest people in the world according to Forbes magazine, with an estimated net worth of $4.2 billion in January 2015.

His business was mainly industrial production of biscuits and pasta, made in Germany and England.

He also promotes travel abroad each year in order to attend Congresses and conferences related to his business.

He also into the construction industry and hospitality business.

He was chairman of the board of the group.

His work as a businessman received a major boost from the relocation of the factory to Fortaleza Br, where he set an enterprise with 62,000 meters square covered area and served as a landmark for the location of various projects on site.

Maria Consuelo Leon Scott Dias Branco was his wife, they had 5 children.

Francisco Ivens de Sá Dias Branco passed away at 81 years old.