Forouzan, Iranian actress, Died at 78


Forouzan/ فروزان was born on August 9,1937, and died on January 24, 2016, in Tehran.

She was an Iranian actress, producer, and dubbing artist.

The actress started his cinematic activity by film dubbing.

In 1964, Forouzan was the star act in Siamak Yasemi’s “Sahel-e Entezar” but this was “Ganj-e Qarun”, another film by Yasemi that made her very famous.

Also co-starring in the same film with Fardin.

Known as the a golden cinematic couple, Ganj-e Qarun Fardin and Forouzan and co-starred in some high-grossing Persian Film also known as Film Farsi (in Persian: فیلم فارسی).

The Persian Film is the genre of movies produced normally in the cinema of Iran before the Iranian revolution of 1979.

She started her career by dubbing films.

‘Sahel-e Entezar’ was her first movie.

She has taken part in many Persian Film movies, but yet cooperated with some of Mowj-e Now directors like Dariush Mehrjui (Dayere-ye Mina) and Ali Hatami (Baba Shamal) too.

She worked with; Siamak Yasemi, Iraj Ghaderi, Shapur Gharib and Fereydun Goleh, whom were famous in their own rights.

After the 1979 revolution, she was banned from playing in movies and was more and more isolated.

Forouzan passed away at 78 yrs old.