Fernando Soto Aparicio, Colombian author, Died at 82


Fernando Soto Aparicio was born on October 1, 1933 in Sochaand died on May 2, 2016,

He was a Colombian poet, storyteller, playwright, novelist, librettist for television and film screenwriter.

He spent his childhood in Santa Rosa de Viterbo.

Fernando remembered for the novel The rebellion of the rats.

Then the next several decades as a professor at various universities in the country, in 1961 he was exalted with the prize Selecciones Lengua Española, in 1970 he received the Casa de las Américas Prize, and a year later, the prize City of Murcia.

In all, Aparicio has written about 70 literary works, among novels, poems, books of short stories as well as theatre plays.

Fernando Soto Aparicio passed away at 82 yrs ol.