Evita Muñoz, Mexican actress, Died at 79


Eva María de J. Muñoz Ruíz was born on November 26, 1936, and died on August 23, 2016.
She was a Mexican actress, comedian, singer, and dancer.
Evita Muñoz professional career started at the age of four: an extremely gifted young child.
She started performing during the golden age of Mexican cinema.
Evita Muñoz was pushed towards stardom in her fourth film, at age 6.
In more than 75 continuous years, ‘Chachita’ was recognized as a successful artist in cinema, TV, theatre, radio, nightclub and circus shows.
She married to Hugo Macías Macotela at the age of 22 and had three children.
She died in Mexico City, Mexico, due to pneumonia.
Evita Muñoz passed away at 79 years old.