Évelyne Prouvost, French businesswoman and magazine executive, Died at 78

  Business, Media

Évelyne Prouvost, also known as Évelyne Prouvost-Berry was born on April 16, 1939 and died on July 19, 2017.

She was a French heiress and businesswoman.

Prouvost was the chief executive of the Marie Claire Group, a publisher of 12 magazines in 30 countries, including Marie Claire.

She was married twice.

Prouvost married Arnold de Contades at the age of 19.

The couple had three children, including Arnaud de Contades.

Later, Prouvost married Nicholas Berry, the son of Michael Berry, Baron Hartwell.

Prouvost had five children in total.

She was worth an estimated €125 million in 2016.

He died of a bicycle fall in Le Palais on the island of Belle-Ile.

Évelyne Prouvost passed away at 78 years old.