Erin Moran, American actress, Died at 56

Erin Marie Moran Fleischmann was born on October 18, 1960, in Burbank, California, and died on April 22, 2017.

She was an American actress.

She was best known for playing Joanie Cunningham on the television sitcom Happy Days and its spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi.

Erin Moran made her feature-film debut in How Sweet It Is! (1968) with Debbie Reynolds, and made regular appearances on The Don Rickles Show in 1972, and guest appearances in The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, My Three Sons, Bearcats!, and Family Affair.

At a younger age, Morgan also appeared in the television series Gunsmoke.

Moran married Rocky Ferguson in 1987; they divorced in 1993.

Later that year, she married Steven Fleischmann.

Erin Moran passed away at 56 years old.