Emile Degelin, Belgian film director, Died at 90


Emile Degelin was born on July 16, 1926 and died on May 20, 2017.

He was a Belgian film director and novelist.

Degelin was the director of If the Wind Frightens You.

Degelin’s 1963 film Life and Death in Flanders was entered into the 13th Berlin International Film Festival.

Degelin’s 1969 film Palaver was entered into the 6th Moscow International Film Festival.

Degelin’s final film, De ooggetuige, won the audience prize at the Ghent Film Festival in 1995.

Degelin was seen as one of the pioneers and founders of the Belgian film.

He died at his home in Kessel-Lo, a borough of Leuven, Belgium.

Emile Degelin passed away at 90 years old.