Ellis Kaut, German author, died at 94

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Elisabeth “Ellis” Kaut, born on November 17, 1920 in Stuttgart and died September 24, 2015 in Munich.

Ellis was a German children’s book author who by inventing the Pumuckl was very successful internationally.

She also wrote short stories for adults and some picture books.

Ellis came through the relocation of their parents in their second year after Munich.

At 18, she became the official M√ľnchner Kindl crowned the year 1938th At age 19 she married on 21 November 1939, writer Kurt price and remained in Munich; the daughter Ursula was born 1945th After a drama training Ellis studied sculpture.

Since 1948, she was a freelance writer and took over in the 1950s and 1960s speaking roles in radio dramas.

When Bayerischer Rundfunk she supervised children’s programs. In addition, however, she dedicated herself always also of painting and photography.

In contrast to these activities the letter for they had always been hard work, she said in an interview in 2010.

Her literary works have always had a great distance.

With her foundation to promote reading and the young people’s literature they suggested to employment with books in their genre.

Ellis was widowed and lived most recently in the Munich district Pasing.

She died after a long illness on 24 September 2015, aged 94 years in a nursing home near Munich.

Ellis is the author of stories about the Kobold Pumuckl, the kinds Haunting drives in master carpenter Eder in his workshop.

First, in 1962 sent as a radio play by Bayerischer Rundfunk, found the Pumuckl stories in children as a book, record / cassette, CD or DVD and television series as well received.

A total of around 100 stories in which Pumuckl for excitement and tangles responsible emerged.

The 52-part television series as well as the radio play with Alfred Pongratz and later gustl bayrhammer as Meister Eder and Hans Clarin, the Pumuckl lent his voice and 2002 even played the heir and cousin of Master Eder, ensured nationwide notoriety the figure.

How Ellis in mission Pictionary of 22 November 1983 declared itself, was “Pumuckl” of her given by her husband Nick.

In Upper Bavaria Ohlstadt a Pumuckl Museum was born.