Elena Lucena, Argentine film actress, died at 101

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María Elena Lucena Arcuri, born on September 25, 1914 and died October 7, 2015, Elena was an Argentine film actress of the Golden Age of Argentine Cinema (1940–1960).

Elena began her career in radio in the 1930s and reached her greatest success with the role of “Chimbela”, which was later depicted in film, theater and television.

Her extensive film career includes approximately 50 films, including notable performances in Chimbela (1939) and Una noche cualquiera (1951).

During the 1940s Elena participated in films with comedians like Pepe Arias, Pepe Iglesias “El Zorro”, Niní Gambier (es), Mirtha Legrand and Carlos Estrada.

Her most acclaimed film work occurred in Elvira Fernández, vendedora de tienda (1942) by Manuel Romero, Cinco besos by Luis Saslavsky and La Rubia Mireya for which she received the 1948 Best Comedy Actress Award from the Argentine Film Critics Association.

Elena also performed as a dancer and, beginning in 1960, did several musical comedies.

On stage she replaced Libertad Lamarque in Hello, Dolly! and she portrayed the widow of Larraín de Valenzuela in the Chilean comedy La pérgola de las flores, which was later made into a movie.

Beginning in the late 1960s, she participated in several television roles.

Elena later performances include a part in the series 099 Central (2002), a part in the 2010 film Dos hermanos for which she was nominated as Best Supporting Actress and a role in the 2012 TV movie El Tabarís, lleno de estrellas.

She has one of the longest careers of Argentine actresses and is one of the last survivors of Argentine cinema from the 1930s. She retired in 2012.

Elena Lucena passed away on October 7, 2015.