Elaine Riley, American actress, Died at 98

Elaine Riley was born on January 15, 1917, in East Liverpool, Ohio,and died on December 7, 2015.

She was an American former film and television actress.

She parents was of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Riley,

Elaine won the Miss East Liverpool beauty title and was runner-up for the Miss Ohio title in 1937.

She attended the Traphagen School of Fashion.

At the age of 18, she was also a model for Powers and Hattie Carnegie model in New York.

She started to use the name Elaine Gray, she sang with a dance-music orchestra in several cities, including Pittsburgh, Pennsylvan

Elaine began in Hollywood in 1943 as an extra for the RKO Pictures, debuting in Higher and Higher.

Riley left her job as secretary to the managing director, at the WINS radio station in New York City to pursue her career in movies.

Riley signed with Paramount Studios, In 1946.

Thereafter, she was the leading lady for Hopalong Cassidy.

She has also worked with stars such as Charles Laughton, Tim Holt and Gene Autry.

Elaine Riley has appeared in episode 172 of The Lone Ranger in 1955.

In 1950, she appeared in the episode titled Gold Fever and in The Lineup in an episode broadcast on January 4, 1957.

Elaine retired from acting in 1960, having more than 70 credits to her name.

She has received the Golden Boot Awards, which honour actors, actresses, and crew members who have made significant contributions to the genre of Western television and movies.

She met her husband in 1946, Richard Martin while he was on set.

Their marriage lasted until 1994, when he died.

Elaine Riley passed away at 98 yrs old.