Eileen Younghusband, British World War II officer and author, Died at 95

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Eileen Muriel Younghusband (née Le Croissette) was born on July 4, 1921, and died on September 2, 2016.
She was a filter officer in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force in World War II.
Eileen worked in the filter room, a top-level British air defence hub which assessed radar reports in order to give air raid warnings.
Then later, while posted to Belgium, Eileen was part of a team of mathematicians who alerted Allied forces to the first V-2 rocket launched against London.
She completed a university degree at the age of 87 and subsequently published three books about her wartime experiences – two memoirs and one children’s book.
Physical training instructor Peter Younghusband was her husband from 1944 and they had a son.
He died in hospital in Cardiff.
Eileen Younghusband passed away at 95 years old.