Egon Wolff, Chilean playwright, Died at 90

Egon Wolff was born on April 13, 1926, in Santiago, and died on November 2, 2016.

He was a Chilean playwright and author.

Wolff was educated in Chile and the United States.

He had a unique and expressive literary style full of patterns, and unexpected twists and turns.

Most of the time in the first scene in a play is like the last, creating a continuous and complete cycle. Though his themes are universal, his style and work are full of references to aspects of Chilean culture.

Wolff was famous for the use of the fourth wall.

Egon was a professor of the Theatre School of the Catholic University of Chile from 1979

His work gravitates towards social neo-realism in which he portrays the seemingly complex behavior and conflicts between individual as ultimately yielding to forces in their environment.

His has been produced in 29 countries and translated into 19 different languages.

When his wife died in an automobile accident in 1995 Wolff stopped working for about five years.