Edgard Pisani, French politician, Died at 97


Edgard Pisani was born on October 9, 1918, and died on June 20, 2016.
He was a French statesman, philosopher, and writer.
Edgard spent his childhood in Tunisia and later studied in Paris.
He holds a “licence de lettres” from La Sorbonne, and a Doctorate in political science.
Pisani held positions in various governments in France: Senator (1954–1961)(1974–1981), Minister of Agriculture (1961–1966), Parliamentarian (1967–1968), European Commissioner (1981–1985), Minister of New Caledonia (1985), President of the Arab World Institute (1988–1995).
During 1992, with Bertrand Hervieu, Pisani formed the Groupe de Seillac followed in 1995 by the Groupe de Bruges, both being think tanks specializing in agricultural and rural affairs.
As of 1992 he has been a member of the French Economic and Social Council.
During 1993 he was awarded an Honorary Degree (Doctor of Laws) by the University of Bath.
Also the Fonds Edgard Pisani are available in the Archives nationales of France.
Pisani served on the Agri-Energy Roundtable (AER)’s Committee of Honor, a UN accredited non-governmental organization chaired by US Senator Jennings Randolph (D-WV).
Edgard Pisani passed away at 97 yrs old.