Edgar Whitcomb, American politician, Died at 98


Edgar Doud Whitcomb was born on November 6, 1917, and died on February 4, 2016.
He was an American politician.
He was the 43rd Governor of Indiana.
Edgar’s career began as governor a major rift in the Indiana Republican Party as urban Republicans became more numerous than rural Republicans, leading to a shift in the priorities of the party leadership.
Edgar Whitcomb was opposed by the speaker of the house Otis R. Bowen on a number of measures and for control of the party leadership.
However, the minister was able to increase tax revenue by 8% without raising tax rates through improved collection and auditing techniques, organized a panel of business leaders to recommend governmental reforms objectives at increasing efficiency that allow the state to reduce its workforce by 10%, and fought for a number of budgetary saving measures primarily through reducing state employee wages and spending in non-essential areas.
Following his leave from office, he divorced from his wife of 36 years and took up sail boating.
Edgar Whitcomb had sailed around the Mediterranean Sea, across the Atlantic Ocean in 1990, and geographically sailed around the world in 1995, although he was not able to return to his exact starting point because his ship ran aground on a reef in the Gulf of Suez.
He tried for 2days to get free but in the end, he left it.
After Edgar went back to Indiana, he moved to a secluded log cabin on the banks of the Ohio River within the Hoosier National Forest near Rome, Indiana.
Edgar Whitcomb passed away at 98 yrs old.