Dutch Catholic priest, Jacques Clemens, Died at 108

Jacques Clemens was born on July 11, 1909, in The Hague, Netherlands and died on March 7, 2018.

He was a Dutch Catholic priest.

Clemens served as the priest of The Bultia (Ham-sure-Heure-Nalinnes in Belgium) since 1958.

From 2016, Clemens was the oldest living priest.

Clemens was a teacher to the Seminar of Gerpinnes (today St. Augustine College).

During 1944, He served as Vicar in Nalinnes (south of Charleroi) and Chaplain at The Bultia, a hamlet of the village lacking a place of worship.

In 1957, Saint Benedict Church of Saint Benedict was completed and on 1 January 1958, Father Jacques Clemens officially became the first parish priest of the new parish.

Clemens remained there his entire life.

Clemens has been a priest for 80 years and was at Bultia for 67 years.

His health deteriorated a little bit due to his fall at the age of 102 and was rushed to a hospital, where he decided to continue, but slow down, his activities.

He died at 108 years old.