Dragiša Pešić, Montenegrin politician, Died at 62


Dragiša Pešić was born on August 8, 1954, and died on September 8, 2016.
He was a Montenegrin politician.
Dragiša Pešić was born in Danilovgrad, then part of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia.
Pešić was the last Prime Minister of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia before it was officially transformed into the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro in February 2003.
Dragiša Pešić studied economic sciences at University of Sarajevo’s Faculty of Economics.
During 1998, Dragiša Pešić became a Minister of Finance in Belgrade, when the Milošević trusted friend and SNP leader at that time Momir Bulatović, a competitor of Đukanović, became Yugoslav head of the government.
Following the fall of Milošević, DOS needed on the Yugoslav federal level the SNP for majority formation, because Đukanović had boycotted the last Yugoslav elections and openly national independence was explained as the goal.
Dragiša Pešić was the vice-president of the Socialist People’s Party of Montenegro.
Dragiša Pešić passed away at 62 years old.