Don Kates, American lawyer, Died at 75


Don B(ernard) Kates Jr. was born on January 26, 1941, and died on November 1, 2016.

He was an American lawyer and research fellow with The Independent Institute in Oakland, California.

Kates focused on promoting gun rights.

Don’s scholarship and litigation played important parts in the modern renaissance of the Second Amendment.

Also to that, Kates played a major role in bringing together scholars and opinion leaders.

Working with Stephen Halbrook, Kates deserved the primary credit for making the Second Amendment scholarship an important topic of modern scholarly interest.

Kates’ books include Armed: New Perspectives On Gun Control, Restricting Handguns: The Liberal Skeptics Speak Out, Firearms and Violence: Issues of Public Policy, and The Great American Gun Debate: Essays on Firearms and Violence (with Gary Kleck).

He was slso a civil liberties lawyer, Kates has been retained by the National Rifle Association to represent gun owners attacking the constitutionality of certain firearms laws.

Don Kates passed away at 75 years old.