Dominique D’Onofrio, Italian-born Belgian football coach, Died at 62


Dominique D’Onofrio was born on April 18, 1953, in Castelforte, Italy and died on February 12, 2016, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He was an Italo-Belgian football coach,

Following his job as a coach, he served as a chairman.

He was coachbuilder until his brother bought out Standard Liège and enabled him to integrate a professional club.

Dominique D’Onofrio took charge for the first team for three matches in December 2000.

In January 2001, D’Onofrio took over from Michel Preud’homme until July 2002.

Between 2002–2003, Dominique succeeded Robert Waseige for the first five matches of the Championship.

Dominique D’Onofrio had little success with his first team as coach and was fired on September 14, 2002, after domestic defeat against Club Bruges and a catastrophic first season.

He was loved by some supporters who appreciated the results gained under his leadership, reviled by others who disliked his gameplay and recourse to a long-ball system, he left his post in May 2005, before being named a few weeks later after the club failed to find a replacement.

This resulted in great remorse from those supporters who had campaigned for his firing, who apologised a few days before his return was announced.

In May 2006, Dominique left his post as a coach for good and became the sporting director with the technical director (Michel Preud’homme).

Even though the club had qualified for the first time for the third preliminary round of the Champions League, hDominique was hounded by supporters after the last game of the season, where they failed to win their first championship since 1983.

Dominique stated that he held himself responsible for this.

Following his post as the sporting director of Standard de Liège and technical director in July 2006, he was in charge of scouting and recruitment.

After two years, when Michel Preud’homme took over from Johan Boskamp, and appointed his own staff, looking for immediate results, Dominique D’Onofrio became technical director and looked to improve the club’s results.

During February 10, 2010, due to bad results at the club, he ended the contract of László Bölöni, Dominique D’Onofrio took over as head coach of Standard until June 2010.

Dominique D’Onofrio passed away at 62 yrs old due to cardiac arrest.