Domingos Montagner, Brazilian actor, Died at 54


Domingos Montagner was born on February 26, 1962, in São Paulo, and died on September 15, 2016, in Caninde de Sao Francisco.
He was an Brazilian actor, playwright and entrepreneur.
Domingos Montagner began his career in theaters and circuses, through the course of interpretation of Myriam Muniz.
During 1997, Montagner formed La Minimum group, alongside Fernando Sampaio, and won the Shell Award for Best Actor.
During 2003, he founded the Zanni Circus, which was artistic director.
Domingos Montagner began his career in TV, three years later, but gained national notoriety, among others, to play Capitão Herculano, in the soap opera “Cordel Encantado” (2011), Mundo in “Joia Rara” and Miguel in “Sete Vidas” (2016).
During the film, did participate in the long Gonzaga: From Father to Son (2012), of Breno Silveira.
During 2016, Montagner played Santo, the protagonist of the soap opera Velho Chico, broadcast by Rede Globo, his last work.
While he took a break between recordings, he drowned while bathing in itself São Francisco River, the main theme of the novel.
Domingos Montagner passed away at 54 years old.