Dmitry Mezhevich, Russian actor and bard, Died at 76


Dmitry Mezhevich was born on December 19, 1940, in Moscow and died on March 8, 2017, in Moscow.

He was a Soviet and Russian actor and bard.

He has long worked in the Moscow Taganka Theatre where he played in The Good Person of Szechwan (grandfather), Hamlet, Woe from Wit, Tartuffe and many other stagings.

He studied hoboe, then started to play on guitar. He is a known bard in Russia.

Additionally, Bulat Okudjava dedicated his song (Идут дожди, и лето тает) to Dmitry Mezhevich. In 2011 he left Taganka Theatre.

Dmitry Mezhevich passed away at 76 years old.