Dinanath Bhargava, Indian artist, Died at 86


Dinanath Bhargava was born on November 1, 1927, and died on December 25, 2016.

He was an Indian painter of international fame.

He was one of the favorite disciples of Shantiniketan art guru Nandalal Bose.

Bhargava was involved in the team of artists, who artists those painted the sign (lions)in the Ashoka Pillar in the Constitution of India.

Bhargava sketched and illuminated the national emblem, with its motto extracted from Mundaka Upanishad, Satyameva Jayate (Truth alone triumphs).

WASH Paintings made by him are unique in the world of painting.

He died due to cardiac ailment.

Dinanath Bhargava passed away at 86 years old.