Dene Smuts, South African politician, Died at 66


Muldene “Dene” Smuts was born on July 13, 1949, and died on April 21, 2016.
She was a South African politician.
Smuts was a member of Parliament for the Democratic Alliance, serving in various capacities, including as Shadow Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development.
She was Broadcasting and a Telecom spokesperson for both the Democratic Party (DP) and Democratic Alliance (DA) from 1994 and 1996 respectively and continues to specialize in free speech issues.
Muldene launched her political career in 1989 when she was elected MP for the Groote Schuur constituency, and on 6 September that year, she participated in the great Peace March in Cape Town, a seminal date in that in coincided with her swearing in as an MP.
Smuts toiled as a constitutional negotiator for the DP during the transition from Apartheid to democracy.
The process began with President FW de Klerk’s 1990 Opening of Parliament speech.
She continued to take from that day until its conclusion in 1996 specializing in the drafting of the Bill of Rights for the Final Constitution.
Smuts also served as the DP spokesperson on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Constitution and human rights.
During 1992, Smuts became South Africa’s first female whip in Parliament and served as DP party chairperson from 1994 to 1997.
Dene Smuts served the DA as Shadow Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development.
Dene Smuts passed away at 66 yrs old.